Changes On Version 1.1.1

Hang on, are you ready? OK, we changed everything on the left side of the application. From left to right Song Library, Playlist, Song order, and the most importantly the Sequencer. All re-coded from scratch to make it clean and fast. Most of the UI looks like the previous version but all renewed and tested. Some different behaviors of UI can escape from our eyes but you just tell us to fix them.


  • Playlists have a new “Smart List” section that allows sorting the entire library by song title or song creation date. Also, Demo songs have their own smart list.
  • Song (order) view now allow to select the song (while not playing)
  • The current (selected) part is now auto-centering the page during the play.
  • The next part has an animated selection view
  • Part and Clip rename popup has a new confirmation popup to validate changes in case you accidentally close before tapping “Done” on the keyboard.
  • Bugfix: Clip changes weren’t changing actual playing immediately when the clip using the same sample/audio file. We had to stop and play again. Now it is immediately changing and playing the correct clip.

By Trevor

Trevor D. Beydag is the founder and lead developer of DejaWorks. He is also the designer of the Stage Master app.

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