About First Release

Stage Master app had a long development cycle and BETA testing, and finally, on 1st May 2021, it was released on App Store. We had many pre-orders and musicians that believed us and give us encouragement even when the chips were down.

As the Stage Master app has a high responsibility, it needs to perform consistencies without crashing mid-gig – this stability is not required for more apps but for Stage Master, it is fundamental. And while a crash-less app seems obvious it is actually a very difficult task, for even a simple silly app. Stability was the priority for the very first release.

Stage Master is a complex application compatible with high-cost desktop applications. This is why before replacing your actual app with the new update, we wanted to give you an opportunity to try new features on the beta TEST version. We always recommend “not” update the main app just before your gig or any important time slot. Because every update can bring some changes that you are just not ready to learn and/or use. Moreover, a new bug can escape our eyes, but beta testers pick them up – this is why we rely on our BETA testers as part of our development process, and this back and forth with BETA testing and debugging, adding features, etc makes for a long development phase. 

So, Stage Master was born! It will be better with every update.

Thank you for trusting and supporting us with pre-orders.

By Trevor

Trevor D. Beydag is the founder and lead developer of DejaWorks. He is also the designer of the Stage Master app.

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