Changes On Version 1.2.0

Bugfix: We’ve noticed that some part delete and re-order combination wasn’t re-ordering properly. Fixed. New Feature: Now, you can create a new song from pre-defined parts and channel structures or like a selected song.

Changes On Version 1.1.1

Hang on, are you ready? OK, we changed everything on the left side of the application. From left to right Song Library, Playlist, Song order, and the most importantly the Sequencer. All re-coded from scratch to make it clean and fast. Most of the UI looks like the previous version but all renewed and tested.… Continue reading Changes On Version 1.1.1

About First Release

Stage Master app had a long development cycle and BETA testing, and finally, on 1st May 2021, it was released on App Store. We had many pre-orders and musicians that believed us and give us encouragement even when the chips were down. As the Stage Master app has a high responsibility, it needs to perform… Continue reading About First Release